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Books by Barbara Berger

Barbara Berger has written more than 15 self-empowerment books published in up to 30 languages.

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New book

Healthy Models

for Relationships

Paperback / e-book






New book

My Road to Power

Sex, Trauma & Higher Consciousness

Paperback / e-book




Find and Follow Your Inner Compass
Instant Guidance in an Age of

Information Overload

Paperback / e-book / Audiobook



New English edition
The Road to Power

Fast Food for the Soul

Book 1 & 2

Paperback / e-book /Audiobook





The Awakening Human Being

A Guide to the Power of Mind

Paperback / e-book / Audiobook



Are You Happy Now?

10 Ways to Live a Happy Life

Paperback / e-book / Audiobook

Gateway to Grace

The Fast Track to Enlightenment

Paperback / Audiobook

Mental Technology

Software for Your Hardware

(The Mental Laws)

Paperback / e-book / Audiobook


Sane Self Talk

Cultivating the Voice

of Sanity Within



The Spiritual Pathway

A Guide to the Joys of

Awakening and Soul Evolution




The Mental Laws

Understanding the Way the Mind Works

Free e-book

Also available as an Audiobook


Guided Meditations



3 Guided Meditations

Free download



The Adventures of Pebble Beach

A Novel

Paperback / e-book