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The International Bestseller
Now Published in 30 Languages

The Road to Power
Fast Food for the Soul
Book 1 & 2
by Barbara Berger
New English edition

Available as a paperback, e-book, Kindle, and audiobook.

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The book is also available as two audiobooks narrated by Barbara Berger.
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“This special little book will engage you, empower you, enlighten you, and enlarge you. What a wonderful gift!” says Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations With God.

Barbara Berger’s international bestseller The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul (Book 1 & 2) is now published in 30 languages. The book is so popular that many countries keep reprinting the book, while other countries like Greece, Japan, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark and Latvia, are releasing new editions. A new edition of the original English edition of the book has just been released in the US and UK.

So why is this book such a classic and why does this book continue to be so popular? The short answer is because The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul is a book about power. Not the power of the force or the power of wealth but the power of the mind. This is a book about the ways in which you can take control of your life and create the life you’ve always wanted to live. As Barbara writes: “Our thoughts and words are all-powerful. Through our thoughts and words, we create our lives. We are the only ones who have complete control over our thoughts and words because we are the only thinkers in our minds. This is why we are so powerful.”

But how do you claim your power? How do you take control and put these simple truths into action? In this highly practical book, Barbara gives us the tools and then guides us, step by step, into how we can change our lives by changing our thinking.

If your life is not working, or you just want it to work better, here’s a simple yet effective way to look inside yourself and see what you can do about money, relationships, love, your health, family, work, peace, joy, and much more. And it will be faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

We are what we think. We become what we believe.
Our life is what we visualize. Our life is what we say it is.
We can change our lives by changing our thoughts.

Read the true story of Barbara Berger's Road to Power 

Sample chapter
 from The Road to Power / Fast Food for the Soul.

To readers in other countries
If you are searching for the book in your language, please note that in many countries the title of the book is Fast Food for the Soul. Also because there are 2 Fast Food for the Soul books, some countries have published the books in 2 separate volumes. Click here to find the book in your language.

September 2023: Barbara talks to Nancy Yearout on her High Road to Humanity show about how she came to write her international bestseller “The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul”, why the power of the mind should be taught in school, and the importance of not giving your power away to outer circumstances!

Worldwide acclaim for The Road to Power / Fast Food for the Soul:

These books are indeed a gift! Filled with positive and easy to understand advice which gets straight to the point. I liked that you can pick out chapters to read when you need help with certain topics. Barbara is an uplifting voice throughout and I felt compelled to make changes for the better. ~ Louise Tang, NetGalley

I found this very helpful and a good addition to my self-help knowledge. The author writes of regaining our power through changing how we think and thereby changing how we see ourselves. Self-worth is a theme here and knowing yourself through personal journey work. This is not just another positive thinking manual. The author has sensible advice here for changing our negative view of our lives in every aspect to one that helps us regain the power we have given up. I found it well written and knowledgeable about the subject of self-talk. After you read this book you sit up straighter and have a higher opinion of yourself. ~ Lori Read, NetGalley

This is a lovely little book full of short, simple and practical advise. Lots of different topics such as health and work all with teachings on how to embrace your own power within them. Great for when you need to start taking back control of your life.~ Kirsty White, For the love of books!

This book is all about attaining personal power and growing as a person. I feel like I made decent headway on both due to Barbara's clever teachings. This book reminded me I am my own superhero. I just hate to believe it! What an excellent resource as a woman to be able to read this book. ~ Em Lane, NetGalley

I loved this book! Short, simple and full of very useful/practical advise. If you don't read any self help but just read will be fine! ~ My BookSwap Club, NetGalley

I really enjoyed this book. It is a good look at how to attain personal power within. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to reclaim their power. ~ Rose Frum, NetGalley

The book should live in the glove compartment and be brought out while in a traffic jam. It’s concise, it’s powerful, and it packs a wallop. ~ NAPRA Review USA

Captivating… pick up this book and start in any chapter, as each one has powerful and upbeat wisdom to help turn anyone’s life around. ~ Magical Blend USA

For those who are really serious about living the good life on all levels, step right up and get this book... It's one of the best soul-food books I've seen. ~ NAPRA Review USA

Powerful and practical guidance for anyone undertaking the challenging journey of spiritual growth, written with a simple clarity and humility. ~ Eric Klein, author

Berger's book is my spiritual almanac. I sense what the day will bring, open her book and find some good advice and another way of looking at problems. ~ Jane Aamund, bestselling Danish author

The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul was like a magnetic field, I was just drawn to this book. Right then and there is where the connection started. Barbara refers to this as “good energy”. What I’m saying is I was meant to pick up this book like I was meant to start a connection with this incredible woman who has become a significant guide and mentor in my life. After reading her book (practically in one go), I reached out to her and that’s where our relationship started. I highly recommend her books, sessions and on-going guidance to everyone. ~ Karo Tak, Portugal

Thank you for the books you wrote. Just finishing The Road to Power. One of the best self-help books I have read. ~ Peter Gillespie, USA

Your book The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul is one of the most significant books I have ever read. It has meant a lot to me. I have recommended it to many people over the years, bought it many times, and given it away as a gift. I read it first time in December 2004, after hitting the wall, and it turned my life totally around from weak to strong. ~ Barbro Hegland, Norway

Read The Road to Power – Fast food for the Soul. It brought me back on track, reading it again. Thanks for this great book...  ~ Saad Farooqui, Saudi Arabia

Your book The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul is amazing. Thank you very much for it. ~ Simona Bartuskaite, Lithuania

Heard about The Road to Power some year ago and bought it. Finally read while on vacation – and F*ck! It's just fantastic! I am so inspired by it and have already read it 4 times. ~ Janne Staal, Denmark

I loved your book and it saved my life... so thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Meital Kapp, Israel