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The Basic Principles Behind Good Relationships With Your Partner, Family, Parents, Children, Friends, Colleagues and All the Other People in Your Life
by Barbara Berger

Available as a paperback, e-book and Kindle.

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What do healthy relationships look like?

Do you ever wonder what healthy relationships look like? Probably. Especially since most of the problems we have in our daily lives are “people problems” – have you noticed? Most of the difficulties we face on a daily basis have to do with our interactions with our fellow human beings. Be it with our partners, families, children, parents – or with our friends, neighbors or colleagues at work.

This is why most of us really want to know how we can best get along with our fellow human beings. How can we deal respectfully with our partners and families while still remaining true to who we are? How can we manage better at the workplace – and deal with our superiors and colleagues so that we can maintain our self-respect and enjoy going to work? In short, what, in fact, do healthy relationships look like? What are the characteristics and qualities of relationships that work and function for all the people involved? How can we identify what works and what doesn’t work?

This is what we all want to know. And this is what Barbara’s new book is about. This book is an attempt to look realistically at these challenges and to answer these important questions.

Based on clinical experience

Based on her many years of clinical experience working as a coach and therapist, Barbara describes the characteristics of healthy relationships. In other words, what do healthy relationships actually look like? What does a healthy relationship with a partner look like? What does a healthy family look like? How do parents relate to their children in a healthy manner? What are the characteristics of respectful, constructive conversations? How can we negotiate the challenges of our everyday lives and disagree respectfully with friends or family without running away or going on the attack? Is it possible to talk respectfully and find workable compromises?

Healthy Models

Barbara answers these important questions with her “Healthy Models” which describe how healthy relationships look in practice. The value of these Healthy Models is that when we have clear Models for how healthy behavior looks, we can then compare our own life situations and relationships to these Models and then identify what is “off” in our own experience. As a result, we can then begin to see where behavior is unhealthy and where there is a lack of, for example, respect or healthy boundaries. Then as we begin to get a little more clarity and are able to identify what’s going on, we can begin to work constructively to improve these situations and relationships. The new book is packed with practical techniques as to how we can do this.

Healthy Models for Relationships is also out in Danish and Greek and will soon be available in Ukrainian. We will let you know when the book is published in other languages.

“Barbara is full of such wisdom after having written 15 books and many years of clinical work. Even for those who are possibly cynical about self help books, Healthy Models for Relationships is a great investment,” writes Goldster magazine in the UK. Read the full interview with Barbara here.

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“A masterclass of how to do relationships,” says former BBC foreign correspondent Humphrey Hawksley in this compelling Inside Story interview, where Barbara weaves her dramatic life story into the wider issues of relationships:

Barbara talks to Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears on Conscious Talk Radio about Healthy Models for Relationships and why love and agreement in relationships are not always the same thing:

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Barbara talks to Danielle Sax on UK Health Radio about ways in which we can improve our relationships with our partner, family, children, friends and colleagues – an enlightening and practical discussion:

The 4 Main Aspects of Good Couple Relationships (aka BB's Magic Formula for Good Couple Relationships):
1) Good sex
2) Good energy when you're together
3) Shared values and interests
4) Respect (especially when you are not in agreement)


Reader Reviews


From many of her years of clinical experience working with people, Barbara Berger discovered that the value of Healthy Models is that when we have a clear Model for how healthy behaviour looks, people can then compare their own life situations and relationships to these Models and then identify what is off in their own experience. As for those aforementioned Healthy Models, well, I won’t give them all away, as you will obviously have to buy and read this deliciously enticing (for the brain) book yourself, but there are 16 Models, starting with Basic Democratic Principles in Families and Other Close Relationships, The 3 Levels of Conversation, The 4 Main Aspects of Good Couple Relationships, through to You Have Inherent Worth, You Have an Inner Compass, culminating in Life is a Learning Curve and We Are All Evolving and Moderation. The second section contains 12 Basic Observations about this thing called life, and begins with There is Reality and Then There Is Your Thinking About Reality, Your Thinking Determines Your Experience of What Is Going On - Not What Is Going On, through to You Can’t Fix or Control or Change Another Person, culminating in Other People Are Not Responsible For Your Existence and It’s Not Personal! The third and final section brings us 8 Healing Processes, where Berger talks about dealing with stress, dealing with anxiety, using the power of mind wisely for healing and recovery, culminating with The Great Universal Intelligence - the greatest healing power of all. ~ Exclusive Magazine, Review

What a great book! I found the contents of this book to be very well organized, beginning with setting the foundation for all relationships using democratic principles, dealing respectfully with others, looking at our own reality, and taking responsibility for ourselves. I really appreciated the use of examples to show ways that work, and ways that won’t work (and why). I also liked the concept presented of questioning ourselves. The examples and charts in this book enable the reader to easily understand the concepts being presented, and to apply the to their own life. I found this book to be very empowering, and one that could be used by professional therapists/coaches as well as the layman. ~ Bonnie Cehovet, US book reviewer & author

Barbara Berger’s book “Healthy Models for Relationships” is a lifesaver for anyone who has ever had relationship problems and wondered what healthy relationships actually look like – and how to achieve them. In this indispensable guide, Berger shows us precisely and practically what works and what doesn’t work in relationships whether it be with your partner, your mother-in-law or your colleagues at work. If only I had read this book 25 years ago, I could literally have saved myself decades of pain and personal anguish. But better late than never! Thank you, Barbara, for this momentous work, may it heal broken hearts and broken homes everywhere and usher in a new age of healthy, happy relationships based on a true understanding of the human condition, respect and real love. ~ Tim Ray, author of 101 Relationship Myths

I learned a lot from reading this book. The author explains basic psychology in a way that I can easily understand; she sets out examples of what she is talking about, and she left me thinking about how I respond to people and how I can improve my attitude for both personal advancement and help other people. I recommend this book! ~ SpookyMrsGreen, Review