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Tim Ray in OM Times

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WGN Radio - The Voice of Chicago (1 hour):
Tim talks to Bill Leff about sex, love and relationship myths

Conscious Talk Radio - Seattle, Washington (1 hour):

Tim talks to Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears about the 101 Relationship Myths

Beyond 50 Radio - Portland, Oregon (30 minutes):

Tim talks to Daniel Davis about the 101 Relationship Myths

CBS Radio - Washington DC (15 minutes):
Tim talks to Dr. Alvin about the metaphysics of love

Reality Spirituality Radio (1 hour):
Tim talks to Rebecca Norrington about Getting Real and 101 Relationship Myths

CBS Radio – Metaphysical Minds (1 hour):
Tim talks to Shay Parker about 101 Relationship Myths, The Awakening Human Being and Starbrow (but not necessarily in that order!)

New Connexion Radio (10 minute podcast - click on Episode 37):
Tim talks to Vicky Thompson about the Devil’s lies about relationships (1 hour):
Tim talks to author and spiritual psychologist Nicola Phoenix about 101 Relationship Myths

12 Radio (1 hour):
Tim talks to Erica Longdon about 101 Relationship Myths