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Here is our last newsletter:

NO. 110 / DECEMBER 2017

3 special Christmas offers by Barbara Berger and Tim Ray – 5 days only

Dear friends,

If you want to give yourself or someone dear to you a really good Christmas gift – check out our 3 special Christmas offers:

“Find and Follow Your Inner Compass” – $7.99 (regular price $10.36)
“Are You Happy Now?” – $7.99 (regular price $14.90)
“Starbrow” – $7.99 (regular price $10.00)

You can read more about the books here:

Find and Follow Your Inner Compass – Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload

by Barbara Berger
Special Christmas offer: USD 7.99 (regular price USD 10.36)
Barbara’s new book is a great gift for anyone who wants to experience more ease and flow in their life. In this simple, yet powerful book Barbara describes how we can improve our ability to follow our own internal guidance system – or as Barbara calls it – our “Inner Compass”. The book is based on an understanding that we all have an Inner Compass which in every moment is giving us precise guidance – through our feelings – as to what is the best way forward for us. And when we follow this guidance we experience more flow, joy, enthusiasm and creativity – and life just gets better and better.

Are You Happy Now? 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life
by Barbara Berger
Special Christmas offer: USD 7.99 (regular price USD 14.90)
In this popular book, Barbara takes a look at all the things we think and do that prevent us from living happy lives now. And she presents 10 practical ways to use this understanding in your daily life, your relationships, at work and for your health. The book is a big hit around the world – now translated into 20 languages.

Starbrow – A Spiritual Adventure – Book 1
by Tim Ray
Special Christmas offer: USD 7.99 (regular price USD 10.00)
Tim’s rip-roaring spiritual adventure has never been more relevant than now. Read how three young men from Copenhagen set out to save Planet Earth from catastrophic Earth Changes and total destruction by raising the collective consciousness. Sound familiar?

Other good Christmas buys:

Getting Real Special
2 books for just USD 14.95
“Are You Happy Now?” by Barbara Berger
“The Awakening Human Being” by Barbara Berger (with Tim Ray)
Regular price: USD 25.89 Special price for both books: USD 14.95

101 Relationship Myths – How to Stop Them from Sabotaging Your Happiness

by Tim Ray
USD 11.95
Tim’s fun and thought-provoking book about relationships is the perfect gift for everyone and anyone who’s facing the challenge of making modern-day relationships work. Tim will help you investigate some of the myths about love that are probably driving you crazy. Plus he offers practical tips as to how you can improve your love life, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind

by Barbara Berger with Tim Ray
USD 10.99
A practical spiritual handbook that presents the next step in consciousness work – how to wake up to the nature of mind. Barbara presents the Mental Laws which are her unique explanation of the way the mind works. And she offers a comprehensive “toolbox” of effective techniques for living a happy, harmonious life. A profound, life-changing book.

The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul

by Barbara Berger
USD 10.00
Barbara’s best-selling classic about the power of mind which is now available in 30 languages. In this very practical book, you can learn how to change your life by changing your thinking. People around the globe are transforming their lives by following the simple advice in this book.

Starwarrior – A Spiritual Thriller – Book 2

by Tim Ray
USD 10.00
The adventure which started in book 1 (Starbrow) goes on – wilder and more intense than most readers could ever dream of! A real spiritual page-turner…

The Adventures of Pebble Beach – A Novel

by Barbara Berger
USD 5.00
If you like Sex and the City and Barbara’s self-help books you’ll probably love Barbara’s slightly daft and very charming heroine Pebble Beach as she throws herself head first into her new life – without a safety net. (Barbara wrote the novel almost 30 years ago, back when she was young, dumb and full of come!)

Gateway to Grace

Barbara Berger’s Guide to User-friendly Meditation
USD 7.50
Barbara’s basic guide to user-friendly meditation. Learn how to breathe and be present right now. And how to tune into the wonders of inner space and feel the Grace, regardless of what the chatterbox in your head is saying!

The Spiritual Pathway – A Guide to the Joys of Awakening and Soul Evolution

by Barbara Berger
USD 7.50
A collection of channeled material (received by Barbara) about the evolution of the soul plus practical guidance for advancing on the spiritual pathway.

Spiritual Pop Songs – CD

by Tim Ray
USD 7.50
Get up on the dance floor and shake your booty! Tim and Barbara created this CD because they wanted some good dance music with positive, affirmative messages. Tim and Barbara wrote the words to all the songs! And Tim sings them all! Enjoy!

Tim and Barbara