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NO. 106 / SEPTEMBER 2017

In this newsletter you can read about:
1) Speak the Word for Peace
2) Barbara has started giving radio interviews about her new book “Find and Follow Your Inner Compass”

3) How Can I Know What's Best For Me? (by Barbara Berger)

Speak the Word for Peace

Dear friends,

In this time of world turmoil – with hurricanes, earthquakes, North Korea and the general heightened unease and anxiety (just to mention a few of the intense changes that are going on) – what can we do as individuals to help calm the world situation and promote peace?

We suggest you remember the Power of Your Word and how Your Vibrational frequency affects the collective consciousness of humanity – and Speak the Word for Peace every day.

To do this, we suggest you set aside 5 or 10 minutes once a day to work with this scientific prayer that we have developed:

"In the Beginning: Peace
Here and Now: Peace
At the End of the End: Peace
Here, There, Everywhere: Peace
From Alpha to Omega: Peace
In Heaven, Upon Earth: Peace
In the Greatest, in the Smallest: Peace
In Fire, in Water, in Earth, in Air: Peace
In Me, in You, in Everyone: Peace
Above Me, Below Me, Around Me: Peace
In Me, Through Me, From Me: Peace
In My Thoughts, in My Words, in My Actions: Peace
Peace is All in All
All Life, All Intelligence, All Love
Peace is the One and Only Reality
And so it is!”

Say this affirmation aloud or repeat it silently in your head – envisioning and feeling the Peace in you and through you... and then send this Peace out from you as your blessing to all the world! See it and feel it!

This prayer is from Tim Ray's spiritual novels – “Starbrow” and “Starwarrior” – which are all about facing Earth Changes and how we can use the power of our minds, vision and focus to create the peaceful world we all dream of. For more about these books and how you can use your personal power to make this world a better place, click here.

Barbara has started giving radio interviews about her new book “Find and Follow Your Inner Compass”

Dear friends,

I’m so thrilled that my new book “Find and Follow Your Inner Compass – Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload” has just come out in English. Wow isn’t that great! I find it absolutely awesome. I’ve also started giving interviews in the US about the powerful, life-altering message of the book – because I’ve discovered that the Inner Compass is the ultimate self-empowerment tool. Now how cool is that? To know that you – yes you - have an Inner Compass that is giving you (in every now moment) precise, reliable guidance as to what is best for you and whether or not you are in alignment with your True Self. Click here to hear an interview.


The book is not only out in English, it’s also out in Danish and Czech and coming soon in Polish and Portuguese (in Brazil & Portugal). Wow, how nice! I’m so thrilled to hear that so many people can use the information in this book to improve their lives. Because what’s it all about… it’s all about knowing that you have a easy and direct way to figure out… what is best for YOU!

So read on gentle reader…

How Can I Know What's Best For Me?

by Barbara Berger

One of the biggest things I've discovered working with clients every day is how extremely difficult and challenging it is for most people today to figure out what is best for them to think, say and do in the various situations and relationships in their lives.

Much of the confusion arises because we live in a time of such information overload that we are literally bombarded from morning to evening with information from all sides as to what we "should" and "shouldn't" do to live happy lives. Not only does everyone have an opinion - but with the advent of social media and having the whole world online and all the time at our fingertips, we also have access to everyone's opinions and ideas all the time.

So it's not just well-meaning friends and families and partners who have good ideas about what's good for us, now everyone does! And not only that, we get to hear it too! Because the reality is everyone in the whole wide world has an opinion! There are experts everywhere! Sometimes it just makes you want to scream or hide in a closet.

We Always Have all the Information We Seek

So the big question is still – with all this information overload – how can I figure out what's best for me? How can I know? What should I do? What's the best way forward for me - not the best way for my girlfriend or my partner or my mother? But a way that's good for me? How can I possibly know?  

Interestingly enough, I have discovered, after years of inner work and years of counseling other people, that there is actually a way, a way to know what's best for you and what's best for me in every situation. And I've found out that the answers have been there all along – because they are inside of us! And our emotions are the key to finding those answers!

So yes... it's really very surprising, but I've discovered that our emotions (which are something we all have all the time) are actually signals coming from within each one of us that are always giving us the information we seek. But unfortunately most of us have been unable to read these signals correctly. But there is a way!

So to share this powerful and liberating information with everyone, I just wrote a new book called "Find and Follow Your Inner Compass" in which I try to share my discoveries and describe how you can understand your emotions, which are signals from your Inner Compass, and find the guidance you are seeking to guide yourself towards the happiness you seek.

Here’s the short version of this amazing secret (read the book for the longer version):

How to Find and Follow Your Inner Compass

1) Understand that you have an Inner Compass that is giving you information at all times – via your emotions – about what is best for you.

2) The better something feels, the more joy and flow you are experiencing, the more it is a signal from your Inner Compass that this is the way forward for you and that you are in alignment with who you really are.

3) The more uncomfortable something feels, the more it is a signal from your Inner Compass that this is not the way for you and that you are out of alignment with who you really are. (Which is why you feel this discomfort.)

4) So stop up every so often during the course of your day and notice what kind of impulses you are receiving from your Inner Compass. Ask yourself: How does this feel? What feels good right now? In what direction do I feel the most flow and good energy?

5) If noticing how you really feel about people and situations is new to you, just start slowly and notice. Don't feel that you immediately have to take action on what you discover. Just notice.

6) As you begin to get used to noticing the signals from your Inner Compass, you will discover that you automatically begin to make small adjustments in your life. This just happens naturally. It's not something you have to force.

7) Remind yourself that even though other people mean well, they don't have access to your Inner Compass. Only you do.

8) When you notice that you are thinking or worrying about what other people are thinking – drop it like a hot potato! And return your attention to what's going on inside you and just notice how you really feel.

9) And remember – the better you feel, the more ease, flow and good energy you experience, the greater your capacity to be of benefit and support to the other people in your life. 

10) The more stressed and overwhelmed you are, the more difficult it is for you to support the people in your life. So even though some might say following your Inner Compass is a selfish thing to do, the reality is that it's also the best thing you can do if you want to support others and make a positive contribution to the world.

11) Also keep reminding yourself: There is no universal standard – no one size fits all. What feels good to you (to your Inner Compass) might not feel good to someone else (to their Inner Compass). Because we are all different, each one of us is unique, and we are all at different places in our lives and at different stages of our development.

12) Remember and respect the fact that everyone – every person you know – has an Inner Compass that is giving them information about what's best for them.

Enjoy  your days!

For more about the Inner Compass and how it works check out my new book “
Find and Follow Your Inner Compass – Instant Guidance in an age of Information Overload”.

You can order the book on Amazon in the US here.

You can order the book on Amazon in the UK here.

What people are saying about Find and Follow Your Inner Compass:

Bonnie Cehovet, book reviewer
This is a fantastic book! If you are willing to work with it, your life will flow freely, and you will experience anything that you have the ability to envision! Definitely a resource book for personal growth! Read the full review here. 

The National Library 

"Berger is a big name in the field of personal development with a large following. 'Find and Follow Your Inner Compass' definitely lives up to her other books. The book is easy to read and use and every library should buy it and have it in stock."

The Family Guide

"Everyone has an Inner Compass, but not everyone knows how to use it. Barbara Berger can help with this. In her beautiful new book, she guides you in how to experience a life with more flow and joy – by using your Inner Compass. And it's interesting reading indeed – because we all know about the dilemmas she describes. Strongly recommended!"

My Health

"In her new book, Barbara Berger shows us how one can live a happy, abundant and fulfilling life in an increasingly turbulent world. According to Barbara Berger, the key is to pay attention to our feelings and live in harmony with who we really are.  A simple recipe – not unlike what the Greek philosopher Epictetus said."

Jane Aamund, author of "Colorado Dreams" and many other bestselling novels

"I recommend that everyone – no matter how difficult it may seem – follow Barbara Berger's book on the' Inner Compass'. If I hadn't done so, I wouldn't be sitting here today, telling my story. Because understanding the 'Inner Compass' is the key to living a true and authentic life. Oh how easily we get off track. Thanks for everything, Barbara!"

Tim Ray, author of "101 Relationship Myths" and the "Starbrow" series

"Following the simple approach in Barbara Berger's book – 'Find and Follow Your Inner Compass' – can totally revolutionize your life. I know because it has revolutionized mine." 

Therapist Bjarne Dam Larsen
”I warmly recommend ”Find and Follow Your Inner Compass”. A lot has been written about the subject, but as always Barbara is so good at making it easy to understand and use for everyone. Even a seasoned therapist like me got new insights into the subject. Thank you! I give this book my highest recommendation.”