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The Awakening Human Being

– lectures & workshops
with Tim Ray and Barbara Berger



Are You Awake Now?
Do you see reality as it is – and are you living in harmony with it? Or are you letting your life be run by your thoughts and unrealistic expectations? Are you using the power of your mind wisely? Are you present in this moment? Are you happy for no particular reason – or does your happiness depend on outer circumstances? Are you awake?

Tim and Barbara offer lectures and workshops to support the consciousness work and the awakening process described in Barbara’s book “The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind”.

The evening lecture is an introduction to the awakening concept while the 1 or 2 day workshop is an intensive exploration of the awakening process.

The workshop is designed to assist you in the process of:
- Waking up to the nature of reality
- Understanding the way your mind works
- Understanding the mental laws
- Learning to distinguish between the content of your mind (your thoughts) and context (your true nature which is consciousness itself)
- Learning to  distinguish between reality and your thinking
- Learning to question your thinking
- Learning to use the power of your mind more wisely


And finally you will go home with practical tools you can use here and now in your daily life so you can apply and benefit from your new understanding and live a happier life.

For more information about lectures and workshops, send us an email to or call us at (+45) 35264077.